In 1905, Jinan commercial port was established under the imperial edicts of Emperor Kwang Hsu (1871-1908) and officially opened as “the public commercial port for Chinese and foreigners”.

Shandong Ophthalmology Museum (World Ophthalmology Expo) is located at the center of the old port. Within a radius of 50 meters, there are Cai Gongshi Memorial Hall (national cultural heritage site) and Jinan Cultural Museum of Commercial Port in the east, the former site of the Japanese Consulate General (provincial cultural heritage site) in the west, in the north, the largest Christian church (provincial cultural heritage site) in Jinan built in 1924 and in the south, the Shandong Provincial Hospital with a history of more than 100 years.

With the care and support from the main leaders of the provincial, municipal and district governments, we have begun to build the Shandong Ophthalmology Museum (World Ophthalmology Expo). Prof. Lixin Xie, who is an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, serves as our honorary curator; Prof. Weiyun Shi, the leader of the Corneal Disease Group of Ophthalmology Society of Chinese Medical Association, is our curator; Prof. Hua Gao, the member and secretary-general of the Corneal Disease Group, is our executive curator.

The main halls of the museum are in a two-story building with a history of 100 years. The construction area is more than 700 square meters and the affiliated garden is nearly 1,000 square meters. In this building, two halls and two lecture rooms will be built: Shandong Ophthalmology Museum, Shandong Eyeglasses Museum, Education and Science Popularization Lecture Room and Lixin Lecture Room.

At present, the museum has collected more than 8,000 old books, important historical materials, photos, more than 800 pieces of important ophthalmic equipment, and more than 1,100 kinds of glasses and other exhibits, providing important historical materials for the study of the development history of ophthalmology in China.

The museum will spread the history and culture of the ophthalmology to the public and strive to provide diversified public cultural services to the city through the collection, protection, research and display of cultural relics.

Being in the century-old commercial port, lingering in the Ophthalmology Museum, you may have a close communication with the past.

We sincerely invite you to participate in the building up of the museum as a witness to the development of Chinese ophthalmology. If you or your institution have collected historical objects related to ophthalmology, you may contact us. We will issue a donation certificate to you if you would like to make some contributions to the museum. All items, cultural relics, photographs, materials, etc. collected, regardless of the size, will be registered and kept in good condition.


德国眼科学会主席Berthold Seitz教授向博物馆捐赠藏品

Prof. Berthold Seitz, the former president of the German Ophthalmological Society, donated items to the museum.



Academician Xie Lixin  was writing down his wishes to the museum.



Prof. Danning Hu, a famous Chinese-American ophthalmologist, donated items to the museum.



Prof. Zhang Luo donated items to the museum.